Open edX Native Installation

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This installation is based on these references and discussions.

The first thing to do is to get a Ubuntu 16.04 server with at least 2 cores, 8 GB of RAM and 100 GB of storage. I got mine on AWS which is a t2.large instance.

Prepare your server by updating, upgrading and doing a reboot:

To make life easier I like to install mosh:

Make sure locales are set right:

Define the base of your learning management system (LMS) and content management system (CMS) by creating the file config.yml:

Insert these lines. Please use your own values for the domain names:

Save the file.

Make sure locale variables are set:

Choose the Open edX version you will be installing:

Bootstrap the Ansible installation:

Randomize passwords:

Install the Open edX software:

The install will take around an 1.5 hours to complete so make yourself a nice cup of coffee.

Monitor the installation by doing a:

Your install is done when you see:

Make sure all the services are running:

Open edX Services
Open edX Services
Open edX Services

Create an an account with staff/admin and superuser privileges and set its password:

Specify SameSite=Lax so that cookies shall not be sent in cross-site requests (for further information read this). Edit the file

And change:


Save the file and exit:

Restart services:

Now check whether every site is running properly.

The LMS at

Open edX LMS

The CMS/Studio at

Open edX Studio

The Django Admin at

Open edX Django Admin


Will Work For Adventure